Mylars vs Pop-Tops | Which Cannabis Packaging is Better?

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Cannabis Packaging Mylars Vs Pop-Tops

Mylars vs Pop-Tops | Which Cannabis Packaging is Better?

Cannabis packaging comes in all shapes and sizes, just like cannabis itself. But what packaging provides your product with superior features? We believe that the answer is mylar bags!

Child-resistant Mylar bags are an excellent choice of product packaging. Mylar can be used to package flower, pre-rolls, and edibles. Because mylar bags help retain the quality and freshness of your products, even after years, mylar bags are a fantastic choice to package your cannabis.    Show Source Texts

Pop-Tops are on the decline in cannabis packaging

Despite the prevalence of Pop-Top style packaging, mylar bags are becoming more heavily used in the cannabis industry. Though many have perceived bags to be a cheap packaging option that no longer the case. Many companies are changing they way they think about packaging and switching to choosing mylar.


Because they retain the natural aroma and flavor of multiple cannabis products more effectively than Pop-Tops. Big-box and smaller boutique dispensaries, along with larger online operations, frequently use mylar bags to package cannabis products. They’re making the switch not only for improving freshness but the brandable real estate mylar bags provide.    Show Source Texts

Consumers prefer the mylar bag for cannabis packaging

By using mylar bags for packaging cannabis, retailers are finding that end users prefer the mylar bags. They also report that mylar bags are outselling pop-tops! When customers purchase cannabis wholesale, mylar bags make sure that stored products will last until these customers choose to consume them. Online cannabis retailers have reported more satisfied customers rather than disappointed ones, after making the switch.    Show Source Texts

In the cannabis packaging industry, Mylar is commonly used for selling flower and edibles. When it comes to packaging a lot of marijuana products, two of the most popular options are mylar bags and cannabis jars. The primary drawbacks to choosing a glass jar are increased cost, smaller product space, and less brandable area.   Show Source Texts

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The Benefits of the Mylar Bag in Sales

You can help keep your medical or recreational marijuana products fresh and presentable by packaging each product in an airtight mylar pouch. Keep in mind, because of certain state laws surrounding cannabis, if you decide to sell your products in a container you can see through, you are likely going to have to pack the entire product in a Mylar bag regardless. You can count on the mylar bags holding the products that you are selling securely. You are also getting the benefits of eye-popping package designs for storefront displays in the dispensary. Add on long-term storage containers for your stockroom and you can’t lose!    Show Source Texts

The benefits of mylar in keeping your product safe

Custom Mylar bags that have food-grade internals makes them an ideal packing solution for brownies, candies, and treats. Mylar bags are eco-friendly. Unlike other packaging options mylar is customizable dyable, and can be ordered ahead-of-time. You can also get them in different shapes and sizes that fit your needs. Custom mylar bags are flexible packaging that can be applied to a wide range of marijuana-related products. Your product will work in a mylar bag whether you sell dried flower packs, pre-rolls, edibles, or even CBD-infused drinks.    Show Source Texts

The flexible packaging, provided by bags and pouches, makes sure that the materials are lightweight. This makes the bag packing from companies like InTu Packaging ideal for protecting your cannabis product from humidity, dust, temperature, and any potential damages of light exposure. The packaging of bags does not affect the overall integrity of the contents, and it is unlikely that your company will receive poor reviews or complaints from customers on the basis of your product quality.    Show Source Texts

Regardless of your needs a mylar bag will make sure your cannabis will still taste and smell fresh. Just like the day it was packaged, even after being stored for years.    Show Source Texts

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