The web is beyond big are you standing out?

Bespoke Web Design

Beautiful Cannabis Web Designs

The web is a constantly evolving and shifting space and your website should never become stagnant. It needs to evolve, grow and align with your brand over time. A good web design features a pretty design, functionality, and a consistent style, but a great design goes beyond that and pushes the boundaries of your industry by touching on the needs of your audience.

Responsive & Unique

Your website needs to be more than mobile-friendly. Unlike many industries, cannabis sites are visited by mobile devices 80+ percent of the time. If your site doesn’t center around these visits, you risk potential loss of store visits. Your consumer's attention is short. Don't waste your shot. Be sure this experience is topnotch and unique in functionality and design.

Are you mobile friendly? Is it stylish, or does it appear to have been developed in the world of Minecraft? Blocky.

User Experience & interface

User friendly is a term that says users MIGHT understand where to go, but does your content keep their attention fixated on your site? Most users bounce off your site within a minute, why? Because your content does not compel them to do anything else but shop for the lowest price or best deal. Why should they stick around? What is the incentive? Make them want to stay

A site visitor should feel comfortable. Does your effort make the hair on the neck of those with mild OCD cringe in distaste?

Curated Cultural Content

Do you have content that reaches beyond the basics? With only brief descriptions and deals, how can you maximize user site duration? Rich content, community outreach and events says "you appreciate your audience". If you're not engaging the culture, why should they engage in your efforts? With the hype subsiding, consider creating your own.

Honestly, when was the last time you created new site content? Do you parallel Social efforts with fresh site content?

Consistent Messaging

Does your site have the same tired tabs; About Us, Menu, Contact, External Links to Vendors? A great design features your brand, your story, your product, and your culture as a whole. If your site has a split focus between your grow, your dispensaries, your products, and external third-party applications the response will reflect that. What is your story?

By pushing all of your consumers to 3rd party menus and couponing, you set yourself up to be shopped out by your once loyal customers.

Bespoke UI/UX

Designing on the web is an artform. If you have been struggling to produce the results you want from your current drag and drop web builder, consider a more bespoke option that matches you and your products. In addition a web presence with your own unique UX/UI.


Is your site a glorified brochure?

It is no secret that the attention of your web users is limited. 

That is why your website needs to have more than beautiful design, it needs excellent function and form. What do you need your site to do for you? Do you need to take orders? Or do you need to attract new customers to a loyalty program? 

Whatever the primary drivers are for you to build and maintain a website Cannacular can help you.

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With roots in writing, physiology, psychology and life coaching. Christopher can help you curve your consumer narrative or conversation.
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With his broad expertise in Technology, accompanied by both visual and musical arts, he has a keen since of construct and harmonious design.
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Our Company

The Cannacular team has put in thousands of hours in web design and build. Websites can often become a dime a dozen, particularly if the creative direction is lacking. We specialize in creating bespoke solutions to your web problems. 

Whether you are looking to have the top of the line master build from the ground up or you need a simpler, more functional site, we can help.

Client Testimonials

"Our website was a glorified business card. The copy was out of date, we hadn't written a blog in ages, and we even had a bad phone number. The Cannacular team stepped in with a killer proposal and demo of what they thought we should be doing. We said yes!"
Maryland Based Chain Of Dispensaries Briana J. ~ CIO​
"We knew we needed a website and fast. Someone had suggested we build it ourselves. After looking through all the options for DIY builders, I was shocked at how expensive it can be. My time is very valuable, so I began seeking out other options. I found Cannacular to be competitively priced for such bespoke treatment. They got me my time back!"
Wholesale Cannabis Carl W. ~ Owner & Partner Aspen Colorado
"When comparing our existing site with our competitors we realized very quickly we had an opportunity to do something no one else was doing in the industry. We got on the phone with the guys at Cannacular and explained what we wanted. Their feedback and knowledge really set them apart and due to that we had no choice but to pick them.
California Medical DispensaryBill M. ~ Founding Partner

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