Cannabis Graphic
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Business & Product Brand Building and Exploration

From luxuriously-thin or simple and clean, to the outlandishly cool or strange... most, if not all art/design is open to interpretation. At Cannacular, we take a satellite view of your current or upcoming brand(s), and clearly consult on the many outcomes, bad and or good of choices being made and what or how this translation may be perceived. Clearly understanding "risk through assessment" will better outfit your cannabis campaign and continued cannaculings of growth.

Branding Specifications & Guidelines for Cannabis

Does your current brand have all assets properly prepared for your cannabis upcoming efforts? Be it Vector, SVG or cleaning up a tired brand, we can assist in meeting and going beyond expectations. Giving you the confidence when sharing across mediums, that your brand and image will be upheld.

Consistency is achieved by being committed to upholding an effort. While remembering, that with great 'effort' there are no boundaries.

Creatively Consistent~ Cannacular

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Dispensary & Wholesale Company Brands

Almost all development centers around a strong two-color build. If a brand doesn’t work in Black or White, can it work at all? Well, yes.  There are many cases where three plus colors work or a specific color is needed, e.g., “Red Apple”. As a rule of thumb we develop around the two color concept. BUT, deliver many full color options.   We are also asked to enhance or vectorize brands (see key).  Here is a portion of our work:

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