Social media is a conversation, are you listening or are you speaking at dead air?

It's not MEMES

Whatever your chosen platform social media is conversant, meaning you need a strategy that listens to and speaks to your audience. If you simply throw things at the wall and hope they stick you are wasting your time and resources. A competent social media campaign needs to integrate your brand messaging with clever, eye-catching content that elevates, engages, and educates your consumers.

It's not memes

It's more than memes, quotes, and sale graphics its an integrated marketing approach that acts like an organic conversation that not only nets you sales, but also gives you an arsenal of data with which you can make better decisions that pique the interest of your consumer base. Is your content provoking a conversation?

It's a Conversation

Social requires that you do more than speak. You need to listen and respond with empathy. Consumers want to be an active part of the conversation around your brand and your products. Are you asking the questions that make them feel like they are a part of the club? Is the conversation active and engaging?


Cannabis consumers are as varied as any other. Your social efforts should be directed at more than the stoner archetype. Who else is enjoying your product? Give them incentive to share your content and rep your brand. This will open more doors for you giving you access to more consumer data. Are you missing entire customer profiles?

Multi-Channel Campaigns

Social means far more than Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok. A multi-channel approach includes e-mail, SMS, print media, merchandise, and anywhere else your consumer spends time. Where does your consumer share content? Are your consumers dollar signs or are they loyal ambassadors of your product.

Are you playing it safe?

Your social efforts need to be constantly refreshed by breaking the traditional methods that keep you ‘safe’ but not growing. How do you engage, improve visibility, ally with influencers, convert followers into paying customers, and maximize promotional punch?


Inject New Life

Engage with and foster the conversation by allocating smart resources and high-quality assets to attract and retain your audience. We will help you plan, implement one-off campaigns, and monthly campaigns, and even fully audit your social media and infuse it with content that doesn’t just stand out, but lights up your audience.


Where we can help you

Traditional Social

Content created for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and beyond

Email and SMS

Your email and SMS campaigns are critical to brand loyalty

Print Media

But Print Media is dead, right? Print still has the power to engage new audiences


Are your end-users ambassadors for your brand?

Pot Smoking Natives
With roots in writing, physiology, psychology and life coaching. Christopher can help you curve your consumer narrative or conversation.
    Artistic Intelligence
With his broad expertise in Technology, accompanied by both visual and musical arts, he has a keen since of construct and harmonious design.
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Our Approach

Cannabis in social media is difficult. 

The guidelines and rules for promoting your brand and product on social media may feel as though you are hamstrung, but what else can you do to bring extra attention? 

We think outside the box and generate creative one-off campaigns for you to run on social media. Merchandise Give Away, Strain Naming Contests, Consumer’s Choice Logo Events, and other creative events do bring more eyeballs to your brand. 

You don’t have to sell a product to sell your brand on social media. 

Client Testimonials

"We were about to launch our new brand and we were completely stumped about how to approach social. The Cannacular team came up with a few high-profile ideas for us to run that incorporated our mascot and his journey across the world. Our social engagement skyrocketed. Now we have people sending in pictures saying they've seen him in their backyard.
Michigan Based Chain of Dispensaries Anne W. ~ Managing Partner
"For years we had been sending emails to our prospective buyers with little to no traction. We had previously worked with Cannacular on a design project and loved their work. We asked them to mock up an idea for an email campaign. Needless to say it was worlds different than our in-house approach."
Dispensary & Wholesale Cannabis Marc S. ~ Owner & Partner Denver Colorado
"Our VIP program for consumers was struggling to produce the results we wanted in our dispensary. We had heard about Cannacular from one of our consumers, who said they did a loyalty program at another dispensary really well. We took one look at the other program and our jaw hit the floor. Consumer loyalty is soaring!"
Large Farm Washington Grow J.s. ~ Founding Partner WA State

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