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As a full service Cannabis Marketing & Design Agency, we can handle all your fulfillment and publicity desires. Even if indirectly. We have a vast network of photographers, printers, packaging companies, broadcasters and influencers to put to work for your ongoing marketing effort(s).

Creative Wordsmithing

Put our copywriting swagger in messaging and story-telling to work for all your communications. From social to packaging, keep your cannabis messaging fresh, clear and attractive across all demographic barriers. How do you currently interact with your customers, and on how many fronts?

Web, UX/UI & eCommerce

Is your website nothing more than a glorified brochure and or portal to 3rd party services like Weedmaps or Dutchie? Is your POS holding you hostage, taking away your control of efforts and reach? Don't you think it's time you take back your voice? Flower to the people!

Brand Recognition

You have probably learned by now, your brand is much more than a logo alone. What steps do you take to control and curve the narrative and / or conversation taking place about your cannabis store or products? What can you do to bend and improve this messaging?

Compelling Art & Designs

The biggest mistake made in marketing is letting an emotional attachment dictate the outcome of your efforts. Like: "My kid or friend made our logo. I have to keep it". You're trying to build a business, so let us help. We will even break the news to your kid and or buddy for you.

Small jobs too

We're not only a "complete cannabis marketing solution". We can also assist with one-time designs, packaging, development and other cannabis assets.

Well of course!

Social Media

Are you listening or are you speaking at dead air?

Social assets are difficult to navigate. Whatever your chosen platform social media is conversant, meaning you need a strategy that listens to and speaks to your audience. If you simply throw things at the wall and hope they stick you are wasting your time and resources. A competent social media campaign needs to integrate your brand messaging with clever, eye-catching content that elevates, engages and educates your consumers.

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Since Jan 18th 2014
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We study and work relentless hours


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Pot Smoking Natives
With roots in writing, physiology, psychology and life coaching. Christopher can help you curve your consumer narrative or conversation.
    Artistic Intelligence
With his broad expertise in Technology, accompanied by both visual and musical arts, he has a keen since of construct and harmonious design.
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Our Company

Founded by two individuals with a unique talent for story-telling, Cannacular, became the Cannabis Centric Marketing company of their efforts. With it’s origins reaching back to both their beginnings, and other collaborations Christopher and Michael saw a lack luster industry, in need of classic 101 marketing implementations and strategies. 

Both Natives and Users of the amazing cannabis flower and other cannabinoid derivatives, they desire to assist cannabis businesses around the nation in business development, employee retainment and of course…. consumer engagement. 

Client Testimonials

""When we received our first set of deliverables from their team, we were taken buy the diversity of design. When they additionally provided an optional release and launch strategy; we knew we had a friend and expert in marketing on our side. Thank you!"
Michigan Based Chain of Dispensaries Anne W. ~ Managing Partner
“I enjoy creative myself, and what a blast I had brainstorming with the team. We navigated the nuances of the many different directions AND potential outcomes till we landed on a design that simply, 'kicked ass'. ”
Dispensary & Wholesale Cannabis Marc S. ~ Owner & Partner Denver Colorado
"While I had thought a web development company alone, boy was I mistaken. They created 12 by 12 custom drawn mural from a single conversation and nailed it. Both in artistry and messaging. Wow.
Large Farm Washington Grow J.s. ~ Founding Partner WA State

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Want to discuss how to put our skills to work for all your efforts? Or if simply needing a one-time item handled from packaging to a specific promotion, submit your details below.