The Cannabis Culture should love your weed, but...

Should They?

Words Matter

The quality of your product can only take you so far. Your messaging is a conversation with the consumer whether that is a dispensary or an end-user. Clarifying and condensing your message into something that the consumer can relate to, is vital to opening more doors through their expanded networks.

Be daring and explore the




[Be Consistent] Does your messaging match your brand identity? A few consistent words across your product lines provides comfortability for the consumer. They know that when they buy your product they are getting what has been advertised. Messaging should not only reflect your identity, it should amplify it.

Be yourself...



[Be Bold] Creative copy DOES set your product apart from the crowd of competitors that slap simple bullet lists and features on their product. Playing it safe can mitigate your risks, but it keeps you from drawing the attention your product deserves. Take a risk! Catching the consumer's attention is your first step!

Be Yourself

on your
best day!



[Be Clear] Consumers aren't buying your product they are buying the experience your product creates. Be clear about how and where your cannabis product succeeds in creating the desired experience. How is your product addressing the desires and needs of your consumer? What problem is your product solving?


Your story!

[Be you] When someone asks you "what you do?", is it simply, "I sell weed"? Well of course you do, but "Why?" So many stop there, and so will your thin un-loyal and easily wavering customer base. "Yeah, I buy weed."

Are you just
talking potency?

Is your product simply focused on getting the consumer ultra-high?

What about flavor? What about that feel good body high? The headband THC hopped up high, is not as desirable as you think.

Instead touch on more unique qualities of your flower, and back it up at the grow and when purchasing from partner wholesalers.

Develop creative, consistent message across a multitude of products and all copy. From web to packaging and social to swag; you can capture new consumers and keep them coming back. 

Boring Copy

Frankly my dear, they don't give a damn

Clarke Gable~ (variation on "I": Gone with the Wind)

Really though, ask yourself this, “Does your audience truly engage in your current wordsmithing efforts?”

How do you become a leader in the Cannabis Space? Or do you believe you already are?

Do you have the best cultivation techniques?

Are you positive you have the highest THC potency (and is that even important?) ? Why?

Well Guess what? So does everyone else. How are you being different?

Don’t follow a corporate copy formula. Tell your story YOUR way and show your buyers and consumers who you are.

Where we can help you





Web Words

Your digital footprint requires consistent messaging

Social Voice

From social media to email, your outreach copy is critical to your efforts

Packaging Text

Does your package reflect your overall message?

Creative Long Form Copy

Are you educating your buyers and consumers?

Speaking to your audience with intelligence and wit
Words Matter
Imagine trying to tell a story... But you don't know how it ends. Who is going to be interested?
Pass the Story
Your end users should be passing more than just your joint. They should be passing your story.
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Our Approach

Words matter:  The old ways of telling a story are still alive and well. Everything we experience is based in story. Cannabis is no different. If your words aren’t relaying the full scope of your product’s narrative they are failing you. We blend traditional marketing tactics with a creative narrative flair. Flat lifeless copy kills product whereas bold, risky stories endears your audience to loyalty. Are your words making consumers feel like they are part of the club? Your Club?

Recognition & Praise

"Our web copy wasn't matching the culture we have in-house. We hired a fly-by-night company to build our first website and It nearly destroyed our image. We got on the phone with Michael and Christopher and we knew instantly we were in good hands.
Colorado Grow Operation Andrea R. ~ Marketing Lead
“We had no idea how important the story of each bud was to the consumer. We thought a clever name and high potency was enough. Cannacular rewrote our copy for over 50 strains and now our product is flying off the shelves.”
Washington Based Dispensary Miles W. ~ Sales Manager
"We had been writing our own copy in-house for years. One day my team came to me and gave me feedback on our efforts. The next day I called a few partners in the industry and they referred me to Cannacular. Our messaging has never been stronger. "
California Sun Grown Farm Bill W. ~ Investor and Managing Partner

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