A cannabis brand for the female gen-Z cannabis users.

Are you talking to the female Gen-Z cannabis user?

Are you talking to the female Gen-Z cannabis user?

A Case Study in Female-Centric Cannabis Marketing and Packaging Design

Are you talking to her? The female Gen-Z cannabis user comprises the fastest-growing market segment in the industry. Female cannabis users have long been forgotten, and they are ready to shake the industry up.

The cannabis industry has long been dominated by males, from ownership and investment to primary customers – young male consumers. This male-centric approach has left a significant portion of the potential market untapped – the growing sector of female cannabis users. Companies that fail to address this demographic may struggle to compete as the market adjusts to cater to an increasingly diverse user base.

We saw this challenge coming, and we decided to create a faux brand and bring that brand to this year’s tradeshows at the Cannabis Conference and the upcoming MJBizcon. We found that the GENZ Female Cannabis User is not only the fastest growing segment in the industry, but they also feel they are not being considered by many brands in their marketing approach.

female gen-Z cannabis user


Cannabis product designs and marketing strategies primarily cater to the male population, effectively isolating potential growth sectors, such as female consumers.

Our Strategy to intrigue the female gen-Z cannabis users

In response to this challenge, Cannacular created Her’s Cannabis, a faux sub-brand of cannabis products tailored specifically to female users. This new offering aimed to celebrate women and the feminine aspect of Mary Jane, with packaging designed to attract female consumers without alienating male buyers. To achieve this goal, Her’s Cannabis:

  1. We developed the brand to target female cannabis users in design, packaging, and aesthetics.
  2. Created a tribute to the feminine aspect of cannabis, using the idea of a product “made by women for women.”
  3. Introduced a collectible strain branded packaging design to bring the “Ladies of Cannabis” to life.
  4. We created designs that spoke to each legendary cultivar’s female spirit, which led to the creation of different personas for each cultivar package/product.

Results/Impact of the Brand and its Designs

Her’s Cannabis, our faux brand, was showcased at the Cannabis Conference 2023 in Las Vegas and will also be present at our booth at MJBizcon. Feedback from female cannabis users in attendance indicated a strong interest in such a targeted approach:

  • 64% of female cannabis users surveyed said they would be more likely to buy from a female-centric brand.
  • 31% stated they were more intrigued by Her’s Cannabis approach than generic branding but remained undecided.
  • A shocking 78% said that packaging and products that felt like they were speaking directly to women were more likely to capture their attention AND initiate a sale.
  • 42% of women surveyed said they enjoyed seeing a human being on the package versus abstract logos and

The primary barrier to purchasing was comfortability, with many female cannabis users favoring brands with more color and a human touch, contrasting the clean, clinical look of many luxury brands.

The Challenges of a Female-Centric Brand in Cannabis for the female gen-Z cannabis users.

1. Convincing skeptics in the industry of the viability of the female-centric approach particularly appealing to the female Gen-Z cannabis user.

2. Overcoming the misconception that female-centric cannabis products are “for women” and not for everyone else.

3. Creating a more inclusive environment in the industry, including recruiting more diverse teams of people with different backgrounds and experiences to represent the consumer base.

4. Showcasing how women use cannabis differently than men, from therapeutic applications to recreational use, so that more women feel comfortable using cannabis and can find the right product for their needs.

Key Takeaways and Recommendations

1. Acknowledge market gaps: Recognizing that cannabis products primarily cater to male consumers, businesses can identify previously ignored demographics and tap into their potential.

2. Embrace a niche audience: Developing a product or sub-brand explicitly catering to a previously underserved group can increase consumer engagement and loyalty.

3. Be adaptable: Pay close attention to market trends and be prepared to adjust business strategies to meet the needs of an evolving consumer base.

4. Seize opportunities: Don’t wait to address a growing consumer demographic – be proactive in adapting your offerings and getting ahead of the competition.

To ensure long-term success, businesses in the cannabis industry must consider whether a targeted approach, such as Her’s Cannabis’, would benefit their product offerings. By addressing the fastest-growing consumer sector in the cannabis industry, companies can position themselves at the forefront of change, capturing market share and improving customer engagement.

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