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  • This form is for clients who have finished their Intake Process 
  • Not an exiting client? Please visit us here: NEW CLIENTS .


The Form

Any files needed for this project, please upload below:
Accepted types: jpg, png, pdf, eps, gif, doc, ai

* BEFORE SUBMITTING READ THIS !!!. By submitting this job request you agree to the terms and conditions on this page. If you are already in agreement to these conditions, please proceed. If not, please review SECTION 2: Terms & Conditions.


Terms & Conditions

  1. REQUESTED TURNAROUND TIME:  Once we review the item(s) in detail, we will let you know if we can meet this delivery time frame.

  2. EDITS: We include three (3) rounds of edits on ALL DEVELOPED PIECES as a minimum, which includes each page of a website build (per page). Some pieces, may come with more. If not specified, 3 is the magic number. Depending on what package or ongoing effort we have in place edits past three (3) will be accomplished at $160 per hour.

    AS ALWAYS, if we miss an edit, from a previous round this edit still resides within that round.

    We don’t want you paying more than anticipated, but understand, “time-is-money”… so along the way, help-us / help-you.  

    2b. To better manage edits, consider getting a fresh set of eyes on the work before submitting to the next round.

  3. “NEW” -ADDITIONAL ROUNDS OF EDITS:   It’s simple. Within the project request form you can now include additional edits beyond three (3). 

    We get it. Some projects just need more time and finesse. When you select additional rounds of edits during these request, they’re accomplished at a substantially lower rate when needed. This does slightly increase our provided cost/estimate but eliminates what could be substantial. This comes in to play mainly on Short Books, Newsletters, extensive Advertisement write-ups, etc. 


    4b. RETAINER CLIENT: If on a retainer, all terms are 30 days. That’s all. However, 30 is 30. So if cancelling, please understand you could have an additional payment owed before the final termination of services. This will include business as normal. So we will still keep pushing out assets. When on a retainer, we provide our services at a substantially reduced price based on your commitment. Cancellation of this commitment, puts us in the position of finding and filling your spot. With a limited number of “Accepted Retainer Clients”,  these terms allow us time to plan for your exit. We appreciate you understanding these terms. 

    4c. Non-Retainer Project Cancellation: While rare, sometimes energy, visions and or results don’t match what’s desired. Again, this is extremely rare but “stuff happens”.  In these unlikely cases and depending on the work accomplished / time involved and or lost, Cannacular, LLC alone determines, the condition and outcome of monies “already received”.  We do not however, hold right to final payment or monies owed. However, all creative and rights to usage become property of Cannacular, LLC. This is for concepts, ideas and assets imagined from our team. In which we will use these creatives on other campaigns. Final payment verifies ownership of most items.  (*NOTE: This does not always guarantee access to original source files. TBD). determined along the development path.

    This doesn’t mean that you will lose a deposit or monies given for work yet started. We do however “solely” reserve the right to decide on how to fairly and ethically proceed.


  • By submitting the primary form found on this page, you are accepting these (above) terms as an agreement between our two entities.