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Your assistance is appreciated

  • All new clients must have a completed “Intake Form” on file for work to commence. 
  • Please completely fill out the following 2 Forms.
  • Before sending our first payment or retaining fee(s), we highly recommend that you read “Step 3”. in detail. 
  • Without “Acceptance”, we will not be able to get started on your creative asset(s).


The Form

Assets to help us along the way. (Logo files, samples of past efforts, and/or whatever items may help us be most effective.
Accepted types: jpg, png, pdf, eps, gif, doc, ai
*This is not a project specific upload section. General items to help us along the way or to jump start your first item. If you 've already done the Intake Process, please visit our "New Asset/Project Request" page if needing additional assets created.


Terms & Conditions

Our “New Asset/Project Request” Page, will expand upon these conditions, based on the actual item(s) under or to be developed.  This (above) page has it’s own “Acceptance” of terms as to remain transparent.
  • All deliverables (work provided) by our efforts have some conditions to consider. Below is a quick overview of our Terms.
  1. TURNAROUND TIMES: Unless specified, many design/development items may take up to 30 days to return completed.  Website designs as long as 120 days.

    Additional Time: Content & Fulfillment Acquisition:

    A. Time you may need to have our creations brought to complete fulfillment by another vendor or party. E.g., Printing, Merchandise, etc.
    B. All the pieces: While this can apply to many projects, in web; photoshoots, article writing and other items can add days, weeks and even months to development. 

  2.  EDITS – INCLUSIVE AND IN ADDITION TO: No one is perfect and sometimes it takes a few rounds to dial in an effort. It’s also very common, that when developed, a client has a myriad of new ideas.  We include three (3) rounds of edits on ALL DEVELOPED PIECES as a minimum, which includes each page of a website build (per page). Some pieces, may come with more. If not specified, 3 is the magic number. Depending on what package or ongoing effort we have in place edits past three (3) will be accomplished at $160 per hour.

    We don’t want our clients paying more than anticipated, so we will do everything possible to hit the desired result(s), and warn when entering our last round of edits, as a courtesy and reminder to these payment terms.
  3. NICE TRY BUT THIS ISN’T WORKING: While rare, sometimes energy, visions and or results don’t match what’s desired. Again, this is extremely rare but “stuff happens”.  In these unlikely cases and depending on the work accomplished / time involved and or lost, Cannacular, LLC alone determines, the condition and outcome of monies already received.  We do not however, hold right to final payment or monies owed unless written so in a specific projects “acceptance of conditions”.  This also doesn’t mean that you will lose a deposit or monies given. We do however “solely” reserve the right to decide on how to fairly and ethically proceed.



To accept these terms please check the following box and provide today’s date.