Artwork & Content Submittal

This form helps assure project accuracy from concept to delivery. Most mistakes are made when rewriting content that can easily be copied and pasted for higher accuracies.

While we do our best in upholding project accuracies, in the end the final responsibility during the Artwork Approval Stage (to come later) is yours. This early step is vital in reducing future errors and mistakes along the way. We appreciate your assistance.

Project Submitter Details

Customer Content for Project

*If a business card, you can mark lines as "same", and we will use the above. The following fields are not required. However, please fill in as many details as possible.

Multiple Project Request

The following shorter form is for additional personnel, if a business card or similar stationary project. Also, when needing to send any other pertinent details.
*Not required, if necessary only for continued accuracies.

Second Submittal

*This form may not be neccessary.